Tilt & Turn PVC Window Handle on the Left

This high quality PVC window, with a ‘tilt and turn’ opening system, is perfect for both residential and commercial use. With the ‘tilt & turn’ opening system, this window can be tilted inwards from the top for ventilation while keeping your home secure; or can be fully opened from the side for full ventilation. Due to the double glazing, this window offers effective thermal and acoustic insulation. Made of high quality PVC and glass, the window is sturdy and dependable, and can be easily cleaned. The concealed locking hardware provides increased security.  
  • Material: PVC and glass
  • Product size: 600 x 1000 mm (L x W)
  • Glass size: 370 x 770 mm (L x W)
  • Colour: White
  • 5-chamber profile with a thickness of 72 mm
  • Dual locking points and seals for optimal air and water tightness
  • With steel reinforcement in the key parts of the frame
  • With double glazing: 1 Tempered glass and 1 low-emissivity glass, 4 / 16 / 4 mm
  • Handle included: Yes
  • Opening direction: Right (handle on the left)
  • With a versatile design, 3 functions:
  • Inward opening casement in the turn position
  • Secure top-venting hopper in the tilt position
  • Tightly sealed window when closed
Category: Conservatories Conservatories uPVC


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Ben Thomas
CEO - Private Customer