Tilt & Turn Windows Enfield

Our uPVC tilt and turn windows use the innovative profile from industry-leading manufacturer Liniar. These amazing tilt and turn windows combine durability, versatility and functionality to provide homeowners in Hayes an excellent double glazing solution. The intelligent design allows for a dual function window which both tilts and turns to offer many benefits.

tilt and turn windows Enfield
uPVC tilt and turn windows enfield
tilt and turn windows price enfield


  • Two operation windows, first or tilt position offers ventilation, second or turn position offers cleaning and egress
  • Child restrictors and 'safe' locking handles provide safety in use features
  • High security locking mechanisms
  • Windows tested to BS7950
  • Windows open inwards into the room
  • Unique 4 chamber profile system for enhanced thermal performance
  • Unique twin seal system for weather performance
  • Multi position child restrictors
  • Window restricted in reversed position for safety in use and cleaning
  • Side swing option available

Features & Benefits


The smart sash horn window is an elegant and traditional British design, ideal for period properties and heritage homes. It is also a superb choice for adding character to modern homes. It has a beautiful finish with stylish curves and very often, Georgian bars. The stunning Liniar design perfectly replicates the traditional elegant lines and curves of original sash horn windows, enabling you to access a remarkable replacement for your old period windows. These windows can be expertly tailored to suit all property styles.

tilt and turn enfield
tilt windows enfield


With a simple quarter-turn of the handle, the tilt function is engaged. Opening from the top edge, this functions allows for secured ventilation which is ideal for ground floor apertures and bungalows. Have the peace of mind that your property remains secure from potential intruders from the outside. You will also keep children and animals safe on the inside.


A further quarter turn of the handles engages the turn function, which allows the sash to be opened to 90˚ on side hinges. This ingenious design allows for maximum ventilation as well as access to the outside of the window from the comfort of your home. Ideal for upper floor apertures or windows with restricted access from the outside.

tilt turn windows enfield
tilt and turn windows Enfield

Safe & Secure

The smart design of the market leading Liniar profile makes our tilt and turn windows incredibly robust. The inherent strength protects your home, while the ability to fully open the sash also provides an alternative means of escape in an emergency. Rest assured that these windows will keep your home and family safe. These sturdy and robust tilt and turn windows come with high security multipoint locking mechanisms which exceed British standards in providing an exceptional level of protection. Cleverly designed to be resilient to forced entry. These fantastic windows will not let you down.

Energy Efficiency

Our tilt and turn windows achieve an incredible WER (Window Energy Rating) of A+. They possess high thermal performance which makes them tremendously energy efficient. Liniar's high performance profile is designed with a multi-chambered frame which traps air inside to create a barrier and prevent heat transfer. Once you have your windows installed by Price-Rite, you will soon notice that your heating system is more efficient by reducing your energy consumption. This not only minimising any impact on the environment but will save you a significant amount of money on your heating bills over the life span of your windows.

uPVC tilt and turn windows enfield
tilt and turn windows price enfield

Easy Maintenance

Our tilt and turn windows are virtually maintenance free. They are designed never to warp or crack. There is no need for them to be repainted as they will not fade or discolour over time. All they need is an occasional wipe clean, which can be done from the inside of your home by using the intelligent turn function to swing open the sash.

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