Bow & Bay Windows Enfield

Bow and bay windows are fantastic at harnessing and distributing natural light in your Enfield home. If you want to make the rooms in your home feel brighter and bigger, bay windows will help you achieve this effect. Because they are comprised of three sections – two of which protrude from the side of your house – they create a stunning three-dimensional effect that will help your home stand out from others on your street.

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bow and bay windows enfield
bow and bay windows enfield


  • Made up of multiple casement windows
  • High security locking mechanisms
  • Windows tested to BS7950
  • Unique 4 chamber profile system for enhanced thermal performance
  • Unique twin seal system for weather performance
  • Increase space and natural light exposure

Features & Benefits


When faced with the choice of buying bow or bay windows, you might find the latter option more attractive because of its design. The side windows – which are called flankers – can be purchased in either casement or double-hung format. These can be opened or closed to provide a sufficient amount of ventilation – so you won’t need to worry about problems caused by damp or condensation post installation.

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When presented with a choice between bow or bay windows, you could find the three equally scaled sections of a bow window more attractive. As with bay windows, the bow design extends from the side of your home to create a dramatic effect that’s further accentuated by its curved edges and will provide you with a clear view of the outside world, while allowing lots of bright light into your property.

More Space

Bow and bay windows continue to be popular, largely because of their incredibly durable design, which is great for adding a touch of grandeur to any home. And, because the front section of a bow or bay window protrudes outward – rather than sitting flush with the rest of the wall – it helps to create a better impression of space that will add value to your property and catch the attention of visitors.

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Homely Feel

When choosing from our range of bow and bay windows, you may want to ask us about window seats. They can add a further dimension of charm to your already authentic bow or bay windows. They can even double-up as a storage area – as there will be some wall space directly below the installation that could be used as a repository for toys, games or books. This will help you keep your room space organised.

Market Value

Brand new bow or bay windows will add value to your Enfield property. If you want to make a visual statement, then you’ll struggle to find a double glazing product that’ll help your home to stand out from the crowd as effectively. Bow or bay windows are stunning and surprisingly affordable, so why not contact us today for some free guideline prices.

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bow and bay windows prices enfield

Professional Installation

With over 30 years’ experience in the double glazing industry, we’re ideally positioned to help you find bow or bay windows that’ll complement your home. We’re fully accredited and offer a fully-consultative approach that’s backed up by a service-centric ethos that puts the needs of our customers first. From start to finish, we’ll make sure you’re happy with the Liniar manufactured windows we install.

Stunning Visuals

When people approach your home – whether it’s from the garden or the front – they’ll be struck by the dramatic yet elegant effect of your bow or bay windows. Once inside your home, they’ll be further impressed by the sense of space they create, due to the greater influx of natural light into your living area.

bow and bay windows enfield
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Flexibility of Design

Bow or bay windows add more than just visual appeal to a home. They are also extremely practical. The versatility of their design means they can be elevated to a higher level – to permit the addition of a shelf that’s placed a counter level where you can place photos, flowers or other items of your choice.

Industry Leading Quality

Our customers want and deserve bow and bay windows that are manufactured to the highest standard. That’s why we’ve chosen Liniar – a leader in their particular field – to supply all of our bow and bay windows, which means you’ll benefit from stunning and durable products that you will be able can rely on for a long time.

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We’re here to help if you have any questions, so feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page. Whether you have a technical query or want to get some low bow and bay window prices in person, we’ll be happy to help you.


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