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Traditional timber windows offer a beautiful natural look that can enhance the interior and exterior of your home. Originating from glazing specialist, Price-Rite is the number one choice for homeowners who require authentic timber windows, having installed many wooden windows in Hayes, reading, Watford and the surrounding areas. Get a free online quote from us today!

timber windows enfield
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  • A-rated double glazed timber windows - which can help save on energy bills and keep you warm
  • Natural warmth generated by timber, which naturally retains heat
  • Optimum performance - 20mm gaps between window panes on double glazing, keeping cold air out
  • Low E internal glass to reflect heat into the room and minimise energy loss
  • Q-Lon seals improve weather resistance as the seals have no memory and therefore always return to their natural position
  • Robust construction – with both Softwood (European Redwood) and Hardwood (Red Grandis) being laminated and engineered to add strength, eradicate knots and resist twisting
  • Extra secure for added peace of mind with a multi-point locking mechanism and trickle ventilation for improved security, our timber windows exceed British Standards

Features & Benefits

Bespoke Fitting

All of our timber windows are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit every time. This not only provides stunning aesthetics but elongates the functionality of our windows, extending their lifespan. Our Timber Casement Windows range includes both top and side-hung wood-framed windows with a high insulation rating and top-end or trickle ventilation systems.

wooden windows enfield
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Durable Timber Windows

They are made to the very highest standards to ensure you receive a top quality product that is built to last and adds value to your property. No matter if you want replacement windows, have a new build project or need to uphold the authenticity of your period property, our timber windows make for a great choice. Get in touch today for all the information you need!

Low Maintenance

It is commonly believed that that timber windows require continuous maintenance to keep them looking and functioning at their best. This may well have been true in the past, but with recent advancements in wood treatment, you will be surprised at how little work is required. Preservative treatments have significantly improved in the last decade, which usually maintains the finished look for at least ten years.

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Easily Treatable

We coat our wooden windows before installation to ensure even coverage and prolong the effects. When the time comes to reapply, simply wash down the frames and add a reapplication of treatment in a single coat. Not much effort to obtain the authentic traditional appearance that only natural wood can achieve. One clear advantage to timber is that in the occurrence of any damage, it is usually possible to repair without the need for a full replacement.

Thermal Performance

Not only are timber windows beautiful to look at, but they also offer exceptional performance against the great British weather. Specially coated to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. The double glazed sealed units trap air between the panes to create a barrier that prevents the cold transfer from the outside. Enhance the thermal performance further by choosing to have triple glazing.

timber sash windows enfield
wooden sash windows enfield

Noise Reduction

excellent level of all round performance, not least in sound insulation. Outside noises are significantly reduced to allow you to enjoy peace and quiet within your home. Perhaps you live close to a busy road and wish for further sound insulation; then our triple glazing option is perfect for you.

Style Options

Our timber windows are available in a large variety of styles and configurations that make them incredibly versatile. You can choose from a wide palette of colour finishes to perfectly complement the appearance of your home. The added benefit of timber windows over windows made from other materials is you can change the choice of colour without having to change your wooden windows. We also offer an extensive selection of handles and hinges to remain in keeping with your historic home or to create a modern, sleek look.

timber windows enfield
hardwood windows enfield

Professional Installation

We here at Price-Rite are skilled at fitting stunning timber windows solutions for homes in Hayes and throughout the surrounding areas. Our team will listen to you to ensure that you get the perfect solution for your home or business. Please feel free to reach out to the team today for more information about our outstanding wooden windows selection.

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