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Here at Price-Rite, we aim to produce the highest quality home improvement products for all of our customers throughout Enfield and the surrounding areas. Our humble roots as a family-run business continue to influence our customer service process to this day, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality products every time.

garage doors enfield


  • Safe & Secure
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Features & Benefits

That’s why we’re confident that you’ll find the garage doors that perfectly suit your Enfield property. When you work with Price-Rite, you’re working with the best in the business. Our dedication to quality production and customer service has led to our recognition within the commercial fenestration community.

grand garage door enfield
garage doors enfield

This has allowed us to partner with many household names in home improvement to bring you the best product available. Our capability has led to our registration with FENSA, the leading association brand that recognises and maintains quality fenestration services. We are also TrustMark Trading Standards approved and are regularly assessed on our training practices, customer service and technical competence.

Unique & Personal Garage Doors

Here at Price-Rite, we understand that it is important to show off your taste and style as well as the aesthetic design of your home when it comes to purchasing garage doors. This particular type of door, more than any other, must operate at optimum efficiency at all times.

garage doors enfield
garage door prices enfield

However, this doesn’t have to come at the cost of style or design. We work with you to make sure that the product you get is the one that’s right for you. Specifically, we offer a wide variety of unique colours for your new garage doors that allow you to properly customise your new home improvement project to your exact specifications.

Furthermore, we utilise paint that offers 120 macrons rather than the standard 60, providing a more vibrant looking product. We are so confident in our quality finish in fact that we offer a twelve-month guarantee on the timber exterior finish of your new garage doors.

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garage door install enfield

Qualified & Professional Installation Teams

As a company, we have built a fantastic reputation for the past thirty years. We have not only managed to work with some of the best installation teams in the business. Still, we now attract some of the greatest tradesmen throughout the country to come and join our team.

We offer a service that is not only efficient during the initial point of contact and planning stages but also precisely tailored to maximise efficiency throughout the installation process. All of our installation teams are highly qualified tradesmen that are explicitly competent in their practised field.

garage doors enfield
garage door colours enfield

Furthermore, we understand the importance of experience as well as credentials, and that’s why we make sure that all of our installation teams boast a wealth of hands-on experience when it comes to installing the best garage doors in the UK. We’re so confident that we guarantee to fix your garage doors within seven weeks of purchase.

Safe & Secure Garage Doors

We also offer some of the most reliable and most durable garage doors on the market in the UK today. All of our garage doors are manufactured using only the highest quality materials that boast natural resistance and durability. These innate characteristics are then bolstered via a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that reinforces the already durable product to craft a product that is so safe that you can relax.

garage door enfield
garage doors enfield

That’s why we offer a ten-year guarantee on the materials and quality of our steel doors. These materials consist of steel and timber, two incredibly sturdy products that have been used in garage doors throughout the UK for a long time.

Naturally durable as they are, our steel and timber products are also 0.6mm thicker than the industry standard 0.45mm. This adds a whole new and literal layer of security to your garage doors, and this is topped off by a four-point intricate locking mechanism that protects your Enfield home. We also offer a ten-year guarantee on the mechanics of your new garage doors themselves.

grand garage door enfield
garage door prices enfield

Energy Efficient & Eco-Friednly Garage Doors

We also understand that the contemporary customer is concerned with the environment, as we all should be! Here at Price-Rite, we want to do our part to help both you and the environment with our home improvement products. That’s why we utilise only the most eco-friendly materials and techniques available in the fenestration industry when we produce our garage doors.

When you purchase products from Price-Rite, you buy doors that are built for the future. Furthermore, all of our garage doors are specifically designed to perform at optimum effectiveness when it comes to thermal efficiency.

Our products are built to retain heat where possible and to reduce the amount of cold that can push into your Enfield home. That way, you will notice a marked drop in your heating and energy bills since you lose the need to heat your home for the same length of time. This reduces your carbon foot-print in turn!

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