Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows work brilliantly to create a contemporary modern aesthetic, but can work equally well in period properties. Aluminium windows are a premium product that utilises the very latest advancements in double glazing technology to combine performance and style. The inherent strength of aluminium allows for slim sightlines that are able to hold larger glazed areas, creating a sleek look.

Stylish Appearance

Aluminium windows have incredibly slim sightlines which offer a sleek aesthetic that can enhance any style of property. The strong aluminium frames are capable of holding larger glazing units to make them perfect for apertures of all sizes, with the possibility of floor to ceiling glazing. The narrower frames offer an extended glazed area which allows more natural sunlight to enter your home. Rooms are made brighter and lifted with an improved sense of spaciousness.

Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of our aluminium windows is unrivalled. Aluminium windows of yesteryear were renowned for their poor thermal efficiency, however today's aluminium window profiles lead the market by incorporating cutting edge design to provide phenomenal thermal performance. The innovative multi-broken profile design traps pockets of air to create a thermal barrier to prevent cold transfer from outside.

The double-glazed aluminium windows are further enhanced by using appropriate low emissivity glass (low E) to comply with the Part L Building Regulations 2002 and are designed to minimise heat loss. The sealed glazing units eliminate draughts and provide acoustic insulation to reduce external noise. With the efficiency of your heating system increased you will soon find that your energy bills fall, saving you money and the environment.


The principle virtue of aluminium is its immense strength. This attribute provides an excellent level of protection when it come to home security. The profiles of our aluminium windows have withstood stringent testing to exceed British security standards. Our outstanding aluminium windows come with high security multipoint locking mechanisms to provide peace of mind that your family and home are properly protected. All of our hardware accessories are fabricated to the same high standards of quality to ensure that that any weak points have been eliminated.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium is a robust material that provides a high standard of quality throughout its long lifespan. Our aluminium window frames will never warp, crack or rust and are finished with a durable powder coating to ensure that they will not discolour of fade. There is no requirement for repainting, and they are virtually maintenance free. Simply give them an occasional wipe down to keep them looking like new.

Added Value

When you have aluminium windows installed by Price-Rite, you can be sure that you have a long term investment that will add value to your home and last for many years to come. Added to the money that is saved through the energy efficiency, our aluminium windows make for an excellent home improvement option.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows?

There are a multitude of construction materials available, and when you decide to build or renovate, you will have to make a choice from among all kinds of different possibilities. However, with aluminium you know exactly what you are choosing: an outstanding and exceptionally strong material that is suitable for every building. Whether you are thinking of new construction or renovation, aluminium has countless advantages. We present some of these advantages one by one below: Aluminium has a long useful lifespan
  • It is not damaged by UV rays or moisture, and does not rust, rot or bend
  • Aluminium is maintenance-friendly
  • Due to its smooth, shiny finish, it does not attract dust and sand
  • Aluminium is safe and non-flammable
  • Due to its strength it is resistant to breakage
  • Aluminium is environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible
  • It is fully recyclable, and the recycling uses up less energy
  • Aluminium is a light material, making it easy to apply
  • Aluminium has an outstanding price/quality ratio
  • Aluminium guarantees optimal airtight, watertight and wind resistant
  • Aluminium has an outstanding thermal insulation factor
  • An aluminium window insulates against both cold and heat, and meets all legal requirements with regard to energy efficiency
  • Aluminium offers optimal acoustic insulation
  • Aluminium profiles are able to integrate without difficulty wide glass thicknesses, which are important in order to protect against noise nuisance
  • Aluminium is available in a rich variety of colours
  • Aluminium is suitable for a wide range of styles

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