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Energy Efficiency and uPVC Windows: How They Can Save You Money

With the cost of living on the rise, it’s vital that anything installed into your home is energy efficient. No homeowner likes the idea of hundreds of pounds being wasted every year due to underperforming windows.

uPVC window technology has come a long way, which means replacing your profiles can hugely transform the performance of your property. If you are struggling with an inefficient property, our windows can help you create a comfortable and cost efficient space.

As suppliers and installers, we only work with the best quality uPVC and our products are double glazed as standard. All our windows are tailor made to your exact specifications to ensure a perfect fit.

Our professional team of qualified double glazing installers use their wealth of knowledge and experience to help you upgrade your home. Our entire range of uPVC windows is engineered to ensure that the installation is completely efficient and disruption is minimised.

We are immensely proud of the speed and efficiency of our window installation service. We supply directly from manufacturers and offer our customers a full service in house. From the moment you get in touch through to installation, we will be on hand to help.



Modern uPVC Windows For Improved Energy Efficiency

uPVC windows are one of the most popular installations in the UK. This is because they deliver on functionality and aesthetic, plus they can be adapted to suit any property in your local area. These quality windows offer homeowners with outstanding performance regarding security, weatherproofing and thermal efficiency.

Our uPVC windows are paired with robust double or triple glazing, which further enhances their energy efficiency. Double or triple glazing incorporates multiple layers of glass with air or gas trapped in between. This extra layer of insulation will help improve insulation, offering you a most comfortable space.



Help A Home Retain Warmth

uPVC as a material is inherently a poor conductor of heat. This means that our uPVC windows are effective at reducing the transfer of heat from inside to outside or vice versa.

As well as keeping the warmth inside your home, these market leading uPVC windows provide outstanding weather resistance. Our entire range of uPVC windows has been rigorously tested for air permeability, water ingress and strong winds. These windows don’t just meet British testing standards but surpass them.

Our range of uPVC windows features multiple chambers within their profile. These chambers create a barrier, stopping heat from entering your windows. A home that retains warmth all year round, will be more cost efficient to run.

By reducing heat loss during the colder months, it can lead to energy savings by reducing your reliance on your central heating. Minimising your energy usage could help reduce your home’s carbon footprint as well as your energy bills.

Casement uPVC Windows Kingston Upon Thames

Solar Heat Gain

uPVC windows can also allow for solar heat gain. In the cold winter months, these windows will flood a home with natural light and convert it into heat energy. This will allow you to naturally warm up your living space. Harness the power of natural sunlight, reducing your reliance on your central heating.


Benefits of Double and Triple Glazing

The premium quality uPVC window profiles are paired with double glazing as standard. For added thermal efficiency, enhanced security and significantly, improved acoustic insulation, choose to upgrade to triple glazing.

Double or triple glazing units will make it difficult for heat to escape your home and for the cold to enter. These additional panes of glazing will also help provide outstanding levels of soundproofing, reduce the build-up of moisture and offers an additional layer of protection.


uPVC Windows Prices

Are you looking for energy efficient uPVC windows for your property in Hayes, Watford, Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames, Amersham, Windsor, Barnet, Chigwell, Enfield, Epsom, Finchley, St. Albans and throughout the surrounding areas?

Get in touch to get a bespoke quote for Price-Rite today. Our helpful and down to earth team will be on hand to help you save money on your annual heating bills. We will answer your queries, offer impartial advice and help you enjoy a thermally efficient space.

Use our online quoting engine to get a price tailored to your double glazing installation project. Input your measurements and details to generate a no obligation price tailored to your specifications. It has never been easier to get an instant price for your home improvement project.

Update your home and minimise your energy bills.

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