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The Advantages of uPVC Windows: Why They’re Worth the Investment

uPVC is short for un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride. This material is commonly used on windows because they deliver on aesthetics and performance. These designs are becoming more and more popular because it’s flexible and versatile.

So why should you select uPVC windows over traditional timber or aluminium installations? We have put together a guide, to ensure you get the best investment for your double glazing project.


Made to Measure Designs

uPVC windows are versatile, which is just one of the reasons they are a fantastic investment. We tailor our designs to your current architecture, existing double glazing and personal preferences. Our range of windows includes casement, French sash, sliding sash, sash horn, tilt and turn as well as the elegant bow and bay windows.

We offer a range of colours, finishes and designs for you to choose from. uPVC windows come in more than just white. Whether you want something bold and modern or something elegant and traditional, we will have the right window for you.

Because uPVC windows are so attractive and seamlessly blend into your home improvement project. Enhance the kerb appeal of your home and help it stand out for all the right reasons.

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Enhanced Levels Of Security

We know how important security is to your home. That is why our uPVC windows are crafted with the safety of your home and your loved ones in mind. uPVC framework is lightweight yet robust, especially when paired with state of the art locking systems and premium panes of double glazing. Once installed, unwanted intruders will stay outside, where they belong!


Improved Levels Of Insulation

uPVC is a low conductor of heat meaning when correctly fitted by our expert team. They will form a closed air system, helping to minimise the heat loss that commonly occurs with non-insulating materials.

We offer a range of window configurations which can help your home retain heat in the window yet can be opened wide to ventilate a space in winter. A better insulated home with minimise leaks, draughts and mould. Keep a comfortable and healthy home all year round.

It’s not just the adverse weather conditions that will be kept out, external noises will be minimised when you invest in uPVC windows. This makes them ideal for homes in busy areas, built up neighbourhoods and by a main road.

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Low Maintenance

uPVC is an inherently low maintenance installation. Our windows won’t need your time, money and energy to stay looking as good as the day installed into your property. These windows can handle whatever life throws at them without bowing, warping or becoming cracked.

uPVC windows can last for decades with minimal upkeep. Simply wipe these down with a damp cloth every now and then to keep them looking fresh and bright.


Durable and Weatherproof Investment

uPVC windows are tough and durable, no matter the shape and design you choose. Even frequent exposure to the harsh weather conditions won’t compromise the looks and performance of your new installation.

Windows crafted using premium quality uPVC affected by rot and corrosion which is especially beneficial for buildings located near the seaside where high salt content can cause issues. The uPVC coating is also protected against UV rays which can cause the framework to fade.

Weathering is a common problem with many materials used to create window installations. uPVC windows will not react with water and air and will not become compromised. Because these windows will not become compromised by the natural elements, they will last for years without ageing.


Fire retardant

Current building regulations state that units and frames for windows must be fabricated from fire rated materials preventing external fire spreading. uPVC windows will adhere to any building regulations as they meet the relevant fire safety protocols. uPVC will keep the primary route open for 30 mins in the event of a fire incident.


uPVC Windows Prices

Are you looking for uPVC windows for your home in Hayes, Watford, Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames, Amersham, Windsor, Barnet, Chigwell, Enfield, Epsom, Finchley, St. Albans and throughout the surrounding region? We can help!

Use our online quoting engine to get a price tailored to your home improvement project. Input your specifications preferences to generate a uPVC windows quote tailored to your requirements. It’s easy to use, works on all devices and comes with no obligation to buy.

If you have a question or want more information on our uPVC windows, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We will be happy to help you get the best investment for your property.

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