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Enhancing Energy Efficiency with Timber Windows: What You Need to Know

With energy bills still on the rise, knowing how energy efficiency works and why it is important can help you gain an edge on your monthly payments. At Price Rite, our comprehensive guide can teach you the basics of enhancing energy efficiency with timber windows and what you need to know to improve your home.

Read more about the energy efficiency of our timber windows below, or start a free quote for them now using our online quoting engine.

Why Care About Enhancing Energy Efficiency?

As we have stated, enhancing your home’s energy efficiency could allow you to save on your energy bills. By improving how your home retains the heat it generates, you could rely less on electricity or gas to keep you warm and comfortable year round. As you continue to use less energy year after year, your energy bills could continue to remain low, making our highly efficient timber windows a potentially worthwhile investment that could pay for themselves in the long run!

On top of all these benefits, enhancing energy efficiency ratings can even help the environment! By making as many homes as possible have the best thermal performance they can, there can be reduced carbon emissions, leading to a greener planet for all. If you’re conscious about your personal impact on the environment and are looking to improve your home’s style, security, and performance, consider upgrading to our timber windows.

How To Enhance A Home’s Energy Efficiency

The easiest and fastest way to enhance your home’s energy efficiency is to upgrade your windows and doors. Around 18% of all the heat within a home is lost through its windows and doors, so ensuring that they trap heat as much as possible is integral to keeping your home efficient and warm.

New windows are intelligently designed and engineered to maximise heat retention. Compared to years old windows, our timber windows contain a series of new developments to ensure that they can keep up with all sorts of harsh weather conditions, whether it be heavy rains or the freezing cold. 

Energy Efficient Glazing

One of the most important things you need to know about energy efficiency is how the glazing in your windows affects it. Many old windows use single glazed glass panes, allowing heat to easily seep through and escape to the outside, where it is wasted. Newer windows and doors, such as our timber windows, contain highly efficient double and triple glazing. 

Double glazed timber windows have two panes of glass which are situated incredibly close together with a small gap between them. As heat passes through the first pane on either side, it is trapped within this pocket of air, which makes it continue heating your home instead of escaping.

Combined with timbers’ natural ability to retain heat, our windows are capable of keeping your home warm all year round, letting you turn down that thermostat and save money for more important things!

Advantages Of Timber Windows

Timber windows have a whole host of unique benefits and features that make them stand out from other window materials. At Price Rite, all our timber windows are designed to provide excellent energy efficiency and security without compromising on style. We understand that the aesthetics of your home can be just as important as how it performs, which is why we work diligently only to provide the best.

There is a common misconception that timber windows require many high maintenance upkeep techniques to continue looking their best. However this is not the case with modern timber windows. With new technology, the maintenance required to keep our highly energy efficient timber windows can be kept to a minimum, letting you enjoy the gorgeous style and a warm home for years to come.

Traditional Design

Our timber windows are some of the most authentic modern windows on the market. Perfect for heritage or traditional homes, manors, and cottages, these timber windows can come in a variety of classic styles and colours. 

Heritage homes don’t need to remain cold and draughty to maintain their aesthetic! Our traditional looking real timber windows all come with bespoke double glazing as standard, with plenty of them having triple glazing as an option! Our timber windows can provide the best of both worlds for your old classical home.

Timber Window Prices

Interested in enhancing your home’s energy efficiency with our timber windows? Then Start a no obligation online quote with our free quoting engine today. It can get you an accurate price in just a few clicks. For more information about our timber windows or any of our other products, give us a call at 020 8561 5574, or use our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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