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Make a perfect first impression with a stunning composite door for your Barnet home. Get in touch with the experts at Price Rite today to learn more about the boundless benefits of bespoke composite doors.

Composite Doors Barnet
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  • Beautiful styles
  • Great energy efficiency
  • A thick core that muffles sound
  • Multipoint lock upgrades through Winkhaus
  • Sourced from market-leading manufacturers
  • Broad and varied customisation
  • Impressive core strength to resist forced entry

Features & Benefits

Composite Doors Barnet


Composite doors are a modern and innovative alternative to traditional wooden or uPVC doors. They are made from a combination of materials, including wood, uPVC, and a thermoplastic polymer skin. This unique blend of materials results in a door that is strong, durable, weather-resistant, and thermally insulated. Composite doors are designed to last, with a lifespan of 10-20 years, making them an excellent investment for your home.


Composite doors are fast becoming a popular choice among homeowners in Barnet. Their blend of style, durability, security, and energy efficiency makes them an attractive option for many. Our many glowing testimonials are a reflection of just how many homeowners in Barnet are delighted with their composite doors from Price Rite. The front door of a home plays a crucial role in both aesthetics and security. Composite front doors are an excellent choice for homeowners in Barnet, offering a blend of style, durability, and security. With a range of designs and colours available, you can customise your composite front door to perfectly match your home’s exterior.


To get closer to your dream bespoke composite front door, get in touch with our experts today! 


Secure Composite Doors 


One of the key benefits of composite doors is their robust security features. The combination of materials used in their construction makes them incredibly strong and resistant to break-ins. Our composite doors come with high-quality multipoint locking mechanisms integrated into the profiles for added security. For homeowners in Barnet, a composite door can provide you with real peace of mind knowing your home and family are well-protected around the clock. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our secure composite front doors. 


Insulating Composite Doors


Composite doors are highly energy-efficient, thanks to their excellent thermal insulation properties. They help to keep the warmth inside your home during the colder months and keep it cool during the summer. This not only creates a comfortable living environment but can also lead to significant energy savings thanks to reduced reliance on your central heating. When you choose a composite front door from Price Rite, you can enjoy benefits that stack up over the years thanks to the enhanced insulation of your home, with savings on your energy bills, a warm home and a reduced carbon footprint. 


Bespoke Designs in Composite Doors


One of the great advantages of composite doors is their flexibility in design. We know that your home is an extension of your own personal style and preferences, so this should be reflected right from the outset. Homeowners in Barnet can now customise their composite doors to suit their specific tastes and the existing style and aesthetics of their home. Our composite doors are available in a wide range of configurations and colours, as well as including a choice of hardware and accessories for the perfect finishing touch. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look, there’s a composite door design to match the aesthetic and personality of your Barnet property. 


Why Choose Us?


At Price Rite, we take immense pride in providing high-quality composite doors. We offer a range of designs and colours, and our expert team is always on hand to provide advice and support. We believe in the benefits of composite doors and are committed to helping you find the perfect door for your home. With many years of experience in the home improvements industry, our team are the ideal choice when you need true experts to help upgrade the style, efficiency and security of your Barnet property. To take the first steps towards a bespoke composite door for your Barnet home, get in touch with the experts at Price Rite today! 


Your Next Steps…


If you’re a homeowner in Barnet and you’re considering a new door for your home, we highly recommend considering a composite door. Our bespoke composite front doors offer a wide range of benefits and can be a fantastic investment for your home. Use our free online quoting engine today for a no-obligation quote. Contact us for more information and to view a range of our stunning composite doors. We can’t wait to bring your vision of a bespoke composite front door to fruition. 


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