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To create a classic and timeless look for your Amersham home, Price-Rite orangeries seamlessly combines traditional features with modern engineering techniques. With a Price-Rite orangery, the security, performance and look of your property will be greatly improved.

Orangeries Amersham


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Features & Benefits

The base of our orangeries is made from a solid foundation, using marketing leading technology to ensure long lasting structural integrity. The standard 1000mm deep concrete foundations will accommodate most projects, but we can use a ‘piled’ foundation if the conditions of your ground require it.

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Orangery Amersham

Durable Orangery

Price-Rite has decades of experience in the double glazing industry. Our team have extensive experience working with orangeries, helping all our customers get an end product that perfectly suits their Amersham home. With the unique reinforced wall frame design, you can get unrivalled levels of security without compromising on aesthetics.

Your family and home will always remain safe, even in the most adverse weather conditions. Our orangeries are weatherproofed so that you won’t need to worry about draughts, leaks, or water ingress. Enjoy a warm and dry home all year round.

Orangery Installation Amersham
Orangery Interior Amersham

Adding an orangery to your Amersham home will provide increased natural light, brightness and enhance the feeling of space. You’ll benefit from a comfortable room with large windows and a glazed roof, providing an illusion of even more space, and it will fast become the most used room with your family.

Bespoke Designs

When you choose a Price-Rite orangery, you have a large selection of bespoke designs and customisation options available to you. All our orangeries are perfectly tailored to your property and your personal needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a modern or traditional style. You can find the glazing, colour, size and finish that perfectly suits it.

Modern Orangery Amersham
Orangery Before and After Amersham

You can opt for an orangery with all the features of a traditional orangery without compromising modern functionality and touches like a large sky lantern, ceiling perimeter for feature lighting. All this is available without the need for an additional roof structure.

Orangeries From Price-Rite

You also have total control over the material used to craft our orangeries. Choose from uPVC, aluminium, and timber to get the best fit for your Amersham home. We also have a range of options of window styles, accessories, hardware and more to make sure your new installation perfectly suits your property.

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Orangeries Prices Near Amersham

Our team of dedicated and experienced experts are with you every step of the way. From selecting the exact specifications and customisation options to the installation process yourself, we will happily answer any questions you may have about the price, process and installation.

Secure & Thermally Efficient Orangeries

All our orangeries benefit from enhanced security with our multi-point locking systems, key-locking handles, hook-bolts and window hinge-side security as standard. Have peace of mind in knowing your family and your home won’t be compromised with the installation of these orangeries.

Modern Light Orangery Amersham
Orangeries Designs Amersham

Our double glazing offers a layer of protection that ensures long lasting security and safety. All our orangeries are designed and manufactured with safety in mind so that you can be sure your home is protected. Adding an orangery to your property will help you benefit from increased thermal efficiency, with the space being comfortable all year round.

Double Glazed Orangeries

Our highly specified double-glazed units offer superior levels of U-values as standard, which is not commonly found in the industry. With superior insulation comes less of a reliance on central heating, which in turn could lower your energy bills and minimise your carbon emissions.

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Orangery Styles Amersham

Environmentally Friendly Orangeries

Our orangeries are an environmentally friendly option for your Amersham home, help you contribute to a greener environment. Intelligently designed, this build can trap warm air inside your home where it should be, instead of letting it escape. Our orangeries will regulate the temperature inside your home, ensuring it is a comfortable and inviting place to spend time in all year round.

Longlasting Orangeries


You are guaranteed no fogging between the panes when choosing our orangeries. This is because of the uPVC double-glazed seal units we use, which help improve the longevity of your orangery. The ten-year guarantee on all materials ensures a durable solution for Amersham homeowners.


Our orangeries are a cost-effective and worthy investment in your Amersham home. This installation will add value to your property, as well as increasing how comfortable space is. You won’t regret choosing Price-Rite for your home improvement project.

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