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Enhance the look and efficiency of your Reading home by investing in our modern uPVC patio doors. You can customise our uPVC patio doors in a number of ways to get the right look, size, and operation style to match your property’s needs. With sturdy market-leading performance and secure locking features, you can have peace of mind when you install our uPVC patio doors.

upvc patio doors quotes Reading
upvc patio doors near me Reading
upvc patio doors Reading


  • Thermally Efficient Glazing
  • Trusted Installation
  • Safe & Secure Locks
  • Low Threshold
  • Sound Resistant Design
  • Cost-Effective

Features & Benefits

Thermally Efficient

All our uPVC patio doors come with thick energy efficient double glazing. This glazing can trap natural heat between the panes, preventing it from escaping your home and being wasted. By wasting less heat, your home can remain warm and comfortable for longer without having to rely on the central heating system as often, potentially reducing your energy bills year after year.

uPVC Patio Doors Reading
upvc patio door Reading

Slim Sightlines

Enjoy gorgeous views of the outside with the wide energy-efficient glass panes that come standard with all our uPVC patio doors. The slim uPVC profile can be manufactured much more narrowly than timber can without compromising on structural integrity. uPVC is a sturdy material that, when manufactured and installed correctly, can last for decades without the need for intense upkeep routines. Additionally, our range of operation styles can help you open up your home, giving the illusion of increased space. The wide panes can flood your Reading property with natural light, letting you rely less on electric lighting.

Sound Resistant

The double glazing has additional benefits besides keeping you comfortable throughout the year. The gap between the panes can reduce sound as it attempts to enter or leave your home, muffling it to a lower volume. You can enjoy a quieter home without being disturbed by noisy neighbours or loud traffic. Plus, you could enjoy being louder for longer without the rest of your neighbours being bothered. Additionally, the hidden chambers inside the profile of our uPVC patio doors can enhance this effect similarly, so you can have sturdy doors that are safe and energy efficient and improve your home's privacy.

upvc patio doors Reading
upvc Patio Doors Reading

Customisable uPVC Patio Doors

When designing your uPVC patio doors, we can provide you with the ability to choose between a swing operation like a traditional door or a sliding mechanism that is smooth and durable. Additionally, our uPVC patio doors can come in a variety of sizes to suit the space within your property, any Reading home can enjoy a new installation of our uPVC patio doors, whether contemporary or traditional, thanks to our wide range of colours. Start designing your new uPVC patio doors today and get an accurate quote with our online quoting engine.

Durable Design

The multi-point locking mechanisms can stand up to lockpicking attempts and deter unwanted intruders. Our uPVC patio doors have robust yet slim frames that provide gorgeous sightlines without compromising security or safety. The uPVC profiles and sturdy hinges can withstand sudden, heavy blows without warping or cracking. We use thick shatter-resistant glazing for the panes of all our uPVC patio doors, so no matter what style, size, or operation type you choose, you can expect top-quality security to keep you and your Reading home safe and secure from harsh weather or intrusions.

upvc patio doors prices near me Reading
upvc patio doors Reading

Low Maintenance

Our uPVC patio doors are incredibly low maintenance, only requiring an occasional wipe-down with a soapy sponge or a wet cloth to remove any build-up of dirt or dust. The strong weather seals can halt any leaks or draughts from getting through and causing damage to your Reading home or the doors themselves. Additionally, the uPVC profile itself is durable and long-lasting; you won’t need to varnish, repaint, or sand these profiles, unlike similar timber frames. At the end of the uPVC patio doors potentially decades-long lifespan, you won’t need to worry about them ending up in a landfill, as uPVC can be melted down and recycled into brand-new products.

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Improve the entrance to your Reading home’s garden or patio today by investing in our modern uPVC patio doors! Get a quote in minutes today by vising our online quoting engine. It’s free and can get you an accurate price in just a few clicks. Have a question or concern? Call our friendly team at 020 8561 5574, and we’ll happily answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form with your details, and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can. We can’t wait to hear from you!

uPVC patio doors can make the perfect addition for any Reading homeowner in need of an easy way for guests or family members to enter their home. With a low threshold available and a wide range of styles, you’re sure to find something that matches your aesthetic. We can cover a vast range of areas, such as Reading, Watford, and Hayes, to name a few.


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