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If you’re looking to enhance your St Albans home, uPVC and aluminium patio doors are a fantastic way to transform the look and performance. Attractive and durable, they come with a range of benefits, making them the perfect solution for your home improvement project.

Patio Doors St Albans
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  • Cost-Effective Design
  • Thermally Efficient Performance
  • Expert Installation

Features & Benefits

Market Leading Peofiles

By installing patio doors with uPVC profiles sourced from the market leaders like Liniar, you can add uninterrupted views of your garden and outdoor area, as well as improve how much natural light floods into your St Albans home. They offer visual appeal and are a highly practical solution. Enjoy seamless access between your home and garden, patio or decking areas. Ventilate your home and entertain friends in the summer months.

Patio Doors Designs St Albans
uPVC Patio Doors Cost St Albans

Thermal Efficiency

When it’s cold you can still enjoy beautiful views of your garden, whilst enjoying a comfortable St Albans home. These thermally efficient doors will help improve the comfort of the space, letting you enjoy your home or conservatory all year round.

Enjoy Your Home

Being able to open your doors up to the garden allows you to enjoy the illusion of extra space and makes your garden truly feel like another part of your home. Moving between your home and your garden, patio or decking area is particularly useful in the warm summer months where you can enjoy your outdoor space as well as opening up your home.

Patio Doors Costs St Albans
Liniar Patio Doors St Albans

Brighten a Space

Every homeowner wants natural light to effortlessly flood into their home. Patio doors excel at providing a light, airy and welcoming space. Your room could feel bigger because of the improved brightness. Our patio door designs contain more glazing than the frame, providing an unobstructed view of your surroundings.

Industry Leading Patio Doors

In the cold winter months, patio doors provide your St Albans home with outstanding thermal insulation. You could lower your energy costs and keep your property warm and comfortable all year round. Just like our range of windows, our sliding doors can be made in double or triple glazing options for superior levels of insulation.

uPVC Patio Doors Cost St Albans
Elegant Patio Doors St Albans


Our patio doors deliver superior levels of weatherproofing. These profiles have been specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions with ease. Our doors are outfitted with high security features, locking mechanisms and functionality that will keep out intruders.

Secure Installations

This gives you complete peace of mind and the confidence that your patio doors are safely protecting you and your family as well as your belongings. Our patio doors are an excellent installation for homes that have limited space. Because they slide open rather than open outwards, they are the ideal solution for rooms where space is a premium.

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Patio Doors Designs St Albans

Versatile Addition

With a wide selection of styles to choose from, you can have patio doors that either slide open or swing open. It all depends on the room you are adding them to and how much space you have available. All our patio doors are easy to use and operate smoothly.

Low Maintenance

This door and its smooth sliding system need very little maintenance to stay looking and working as good as the day we install them. These doors can be customised to suit both traditional and contemporary homes.

Patio Doors St Albans
uPVC Patio Doors St Albans

High Performance Patio Doors

We create unique patio doors that are custom made using premium materials that will create a stunning fit and complement the overall architecture of your property. As with the majority of our doors, you can customise your new profiles to your exact requirements in terms of style, colour and design.

Bespoke Designs

We can help you create a bespoke door solution for your home. They can be easily fitted onto both traditional and modern properties. We pride ourselves on delivering versatile door designs that suit all St Albans homes. Our patio doors combine form and function, with the designs proving themselves to be a worthwhile addition to any property in the St Albans region.

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Double Glazed Patio Doors St Albans

Flexible Doors

Patio designs aren’t just ideal back doors, they can be used anywhere in the home. They can make a chic front door or be used internally to break up rooms. No matter the aesthetics of your home, they deliver a visual appeal.

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Patio doors provide a range of personal benefits such as being able to watch your children play in the garden, allowing your pet to have ease of access and seamlessly blending your home and your outdoor space. We are waiting to hear from you and look forward to helping you find the right door for your St Albans home.


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