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Price Rite's composite doors are one of the best choices for security and style for your Watford home. No matter if you're looking for traditional or contemporary designs, you're sure to be able to design the perfect door. Continue to learn more about composite doors, or start a free online quote with us today.

Composite Doors Prices Watford
Composite Doors Watford Prices
Composite Doors Watford Costs


  • Striking visual designs
  • Impressive thermal performance
  • Designed to be weatherproof
  • Multipoint lock upgrades through Winkhaus
  • Sourced from market-leading manufacturers
  • Wide range of durable customisation options
  • Robust core capable of resisting forced entry

Features & Benefits


Composite doors provide superior security compared to uPVC doors thanks to their solid core. Quite often, the weakest part of a front door is the centre, but with our composite doors, the core is almost impossible to damage. We also offer multipoint locking systems sourced from Winkhaus, so you can rely on your locks to not let you down. Your Watford home can remain safe from intruders thanks to our bespoke composite doors. Additionally, as double glazing experts, your glass will stand the test of time and be just as robust as the other materials used.

Composite Doors Watford Prices
Composite Doors Watford Cost

Stylish & Modern

Here at Price Rite, we pride ourselves on the broad level of customisation that we offer our customers. Our composite doors are sure to make your Watford home stand out from the crowd, thanks to our stylish and modern designs. You can customise almost everything about your door design, from letterboxes and handles to decorative glazing options. At Price Rite, you will surely find something that accommodates your tastes and needs. Plus, if you're not looking for a contemporary door, we also offer an array of traditional designs if you live in a heritage zone.


Thanks to the dense cores that are standard across our entire composite doors range, you can enjoy quiet evenings without the concern of noisy neighbours or traffic. The thick core muffles soundwaves, preventing inside sounds from getting out and outside sound from getting in. Plus, our composite doors come with premium protective outer skin and are custom-built-to-order, so you shouldn't have to worry about draughts or whistling winds. Even if you choose a design requiring lots of glass, our bespoke double glazing also muffles sound, so you won’t have to compromise on design.

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Our composite doors are built from recyclable materials such as timber and uPVC. Knowing that our products are sustainable and won't end up in a landfill once their long lifespan has concluded, you can have peace of mind. Timber can be recycled as wood chips, and uPVC can be melted down and reformed into new products. Some glasses can also be recycled and reformed into new products as well. Any metal components, such as locks, handles, and hinges, can also be recycled. Rest assured that at Price Rite, nothing goes to waste.

Why Choose Price Rite?

Our stunning range of composite doors will improve your Watford home’s aesthetics and security. They provide unmatched performance compared to outdated profiles and are a low-maintenance solution that can remain factory new for decades with minimal upkeep.


We craft our composite doors by pressing and gluing multiple materials together under high-pressure conditions to build up the impressively robust profile. When combined, the materials are extremely energy efficient thanks to the high level of insulation.


Composite doors are surprisingly low maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep to stay looking almost as good as the day they were installed. All it takes is occasional wiping down with a warm sponge and soap. The doors are resistant to warping and cracking, and even after years of wear, they can resist fading compared to other types of doors. You’ll never have to repaint or stain your door after installation.


All our composite doors are sourced via our sister company, The Composite Door Company Ltd. However, we occasionally work with market-leading manufacturers of Distinction Doors and Endurance Doors. You can expect high-quality materials manufactured by trusted professionals.


Composite Doors Watford Prices

Get an online price on composite doors for a Watford home instantly by using our online quoting engine. Customise your composite door with your preferred style and design, and we will get back to you with an accurate price.


Price-Rite is proud to be an accredited UK supplier and installer of high-quality composite doors. You can rely on our team of professionals to deliver a quick and efficient installation to your Watford home. We always offer competitive prices and quick lead times so you can get on with your project without waiting.

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