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Composite doors are one of the most secure home improvement options for your St Albans home. Read more about composite front doors below or start a free online quote today.

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  • Solid core resists forced entry
  • Visually appealing, customisable and bespoke design
  • Unrivalled thermal performance
  • Fully weatherproof design for a longer lifespan
  • Winkhaus multipoint lock upgrades
  • Sourced from market leading manufacturers
  • Wide range of durable furniture, including handles and knockers

Features & Benefits


One of the biggest benefits of composite doors is the superior level of security they deliver. Generally, the centre part of the front door is the weakest, this isn’t the case with our composite doors. The solid core makes it near impossible to damage the centre. When team with multipoint locking systems sourced from brands like Winkhaus, you can have total peace of mind. You and your family will stay protected against forced entry for many years to come.

Composite Doors St Albans
Bespoke Composite Doors St Albans

Thermal Performance

Composite doors offer an outstanding thermal performance. They achieve amazingly low U-values, thanks to their robust core and the naturally durable properties. Your St Albans home will stay warm and comfortable temperature all year round. Over time, you’ll find that your energy costs could become lower, leading to you saving money on your annual bills. Better yet, you could also improve your home’s carbon footprint.


Our range of composite doors are designed with premium weatherseals and a protective outerskin as standard. No matter how adverse the weather conditions are, you will be confident that your composite door installation can withstand it. This will help keep out draughts and rainwater, which can lead to nasty, expensive problems like rotting, damp or the formation of mould. Improved weatherproofing also helps these composite doors stay performing for longer.

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Our team prides itself on offering a broad selection of composite doors, with something for every St Albans homeowner. Our composite front doors come in a versatile range of colours. These fade-proof finishes are complemented with our selection of different furniture. This includes handles, letterboxes and stunning decorative glazing options. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, we can accommodate your tastes and requirements.

Secure, Durable Composite Doors


If you are looking for a front or back door that will protect your St Albans home, look no further than our stunning range of composite doors. They deliver an unmatched performance, providing a low maintenance solution to outdated profiles while also making for a stylish addition to any property in the area.


When it comes to the crafting of composite doors, multiple materials are pressed and glued together under high-pressure conditions to create the robust profile. Composite doors are creating from layers of insulating materials. This combination is what makes them robust and energy efficient.


Our composite doors require very little upkeep to stay looking as good as the day installed. As a result, they won’t take time or money to upkeep. These doors are well known for not warping, cracking or fading, even after years or time and wear. You won’t need to repaint or stain this installation. Simply wipe them down with soapy water to ensure they stay looking pristine.


We manufacture, supply, and install our own range of high quality composite doors, sourced through our sister company, The Composite Door Company Ltd. We also work with market-leading composite doors manufacturers Distinction Doors and Endurance Doors.


We’ll work closely with our St Albans customers, to ensure you get a composite door that perfectly suits your home. Composite doors deliver superior levels of durability, security and visual appeal. This makes them a fantastic option for any homeowner in the area.


Price-Rite are proud to be an accredited supplier and installer of high quality composite doors. You can rely on our team to deliver a professional and efficient installation, without any stress or hassle. We offer competitive prices and swift lead times, allowing you to get your new composite door without the wait.


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