Aluminium Bifold Doors, Amersham

Price-Rite can offer Amersham homeowners industry-leading aluminium bifold doors that will transform their property, give us a call today to find out more about our high-quality doors.

Aluminium Bifold Doors Kingston Upon Thames
Aluminum Bifold Doors Installed in Kingston Upon Thames


  • High Security Features
  • Bespoke Designs
  • Impressive Thermal Efficiency
  • Compliance Tested
  • Weather Protection

Aluminium Bifold Doors, Amersham

Open up your home to your outdoor space, adding style and an inflow of natural light with our aluminium bifold doors. Here at Price-Rite, we install our premium quality bifold doors to homes in Amersham and the surrounding areas. Let us help you create the dream home you have always wanted!

We work with market leading suppliers in order to offer our Amersham customers our top quality aluminium bifold doors. Available in a range of configurations and colours, our doors have been designed to be sleek and stylish. As well as this, they are also excellent performers. From installation, your home will be warmer and more secure!

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High-Performance Aluminium Bifold Doors


Innovative Design

Bifold doors are a modern creation that uses the best of contemporary design technology. Featuring multiple folding leaves, these doors can store away neatly on either side when open. The lack of a swing arc allows for easy furnishing, and when closed, they create what is essentially a glass wall. Ultra-slim sightlines allow natural light to floor your home, making it feel bigger than ever.



Leading Performance

By working with the best manufacturers around, our aluminium bifold doors offer leading performance levels. Thanks to the high-grade aluminium used, our doors offer great thermal performance, security and weather resistance. Featuring advanced double glazing and a robust multi-chambered frame, our bifold doors will keep your home warmer than ever. Save money on central heating and reduce your carbon footprint. Our aluminium bifold doors are also secure. Thanks to multipoint locking systems, your Amersham home will be virtually impenetrable.


Longevity & Durability

While uPVC is a brilliant material, aluminium offers the highest levels of durability and longevity. It is extremely robust, and will not corrode or rust over time. With this, it is able to stay in excellent quality for decades. Your new doors will remain completely unaffected by any wet or cold weather, protecting the internal hardware and preventing poor performance. What’s more, thanks to an innovative powder coating whichever colour you choose won’t ever fade!

Unrivalled Quality Aluminium Bifold Doors


Easy Function

Aluminium bifold doors can be designed to suit spaces of all sizes, and because of their modern design they will always be easy to use. Simple slide your door open when you want to open up your hope, and slide the doors back to close them. Although often installed as a back door solution leading to the garden of your Amersham home, our bifold doors can also be installed internally to separate a large room into two separate areas.


Bespoke Designs

At Price-Rite, we understand the importance of investing in a home improvement solution that perfectly matches your style. Because of this, we offer customisable options for all of our products – including our aluminium bifold doors. Customise your new addition right down to the number of leaves: you may choose as little as two for smaller areas! You can also browse our range of available colour options and find something that suits your needs. Choose the hardware accessories for the final finishing touch for your Amersham home.


Increased Value

As well as helping your home perform to the highest standards and improving the levels of style, our aluminium bifold doors will also increase the value of your Amersham property. A modern creation made from premium grade aluminium, these doors are a great addition to any home. Should you ever choose to sell and move to a new property, your home will be worth much more than what you bought it for. Any potential buyers will recognise this value, and your home will be sold quickly and easily!

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